Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My Etsy Journey

Back in September 2011 I decided to try to sell my beloved creations on Etsy.  Known for having handmade unique items by many talented artisans, I thought that Etsy would be a great place to try my hand at online shopping.  With a lot of time, and hard work I was determined to set up my shop.  I read article after article, thread after thread (from the very helpful forums) and managed to finally have a shop I am proud of.  I have read so many discouraged fellow Etsians claim that they hardly get any "views" and sales are so low if not non existent.  I have to say, I didn't expect it to be so difficult to get people to see my shop.  I mean, I thought once it was live, and someone searched for say...a crystal bridal bracelet would be seen.  Boy was I naive!

Titles and tags oh my! Apparently it's all about having the right titles, and tags and lets not forget the fabulous pictures.  If the search manages to result in your picture appearing amongst the many other listings, your photo must capture the viewers interest and draw them in. I'm still tweaking the titles and tags! My shop is getting more and more views and I am getting quite a few who "favorite" an item. 

One great enjoyment I found on Etsy is creating treasuries.  At first when I read about them I was skeptical.
Creating a treasury of items from other shops?  It was a foreign concept to me. Now, I absolutely love it!  I love looking for great finds from fellow artisans and putting them together to form a theme, and posting it for all to view and enjoy.  It is so rewarding to know that I am helping someone promote their item to the right customer.

Here's an example of a couple of treasuries I recently completed for the upcoming holidays:

I owe many thanks to the ETK team for answering so many of my questions.  These talented artisans are truly an inspiration to me!

Follow along in my journey in trying to run a successful shop on Etsy.  Next week I'll let you know the results of my first sale.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

To anyone who might be reading this:

Well I've done it...I created a blog!

Thanks to Nikki from .  Your great wit and humor inspired me and made me realize it was time I tried this for myself.

After figuring out the setup, I will have to come back to posting something worth reading!  For now I must get some sleep!

Good night.