Monday, 5 December 2011

Post Black Friday/Cyber Monday Etsy Sale

Okay so I had my first sale on Etsy!  But no sales....Actually, I even had less views than normal so what happened you might ask?  I have no idea!  Many people in the forums complained about the same thing.  Who knows, maybe there just wasn't that much traffic in general online.  I know the malls were very busy but in my little shop...nothing!  Oh well maybe things will start to move as we get closer to Christmas.  I have listed a few new items and have received many views and "favorites" so I'm quite happy.  I get so much enjoyment in seeing the stats for "favorites" go up and to see who is liking my items.  I will probably jump for joy for another sale!

I will continue to keep you all posted on my Etsy journey as interesting events arise.  However, for the most part I will now use this page to feature some of my followers to help showcase some of their work so that all can view what incredible talent is out there! 

Thanks for following!